23.listopad 2020

Enviromental policy

Cleaning service company Jan Grézl, Sylva Grézlová - HARYSERVIS II. declares that protection and prevention of contamination in the environment as well as safety and health protection during work are one of the priorities in our company management. In administration of our service, in terms of benefits for ecology, we will aim to keep all the legislative and other requests. We will run our bussinness activities in a way to prevent contamination and inconsiderate abstraction of natural resources.

HARYSERVIS II. company is an owner of know-how based on profesional knowledge and long-standing experience of our employees. We contribute to improvement of environment almost in all parts of Moravia by renovation of our working process and technologies.
We set these particular targets:

  • to set up, maintain and improve the system of environmental management according to the requirements of regulation
    ISO 14001 in our whole company
  • to follow legislative referential to living environment, and in some areas even to exceed this frame
  • to seek for savings of energy, natural sources and to optimize waste material which is an inseparable part of our everyday working process
  • to lower the sources of hazard and prevent emergency conditions by establishing preventive steps in the field of safety and health protection during work, fire protection and living environment protection
  • to educate expertly and motivate all our employees aimed at increasing their responsibility and personal involvement during filling their objectives resulting from environmental policy of our company
  • to evaluate results of attained monitoring regularly, if it is possible from the economical point of view
  • to set targets and realize aims which will be the basis of improvement in environmental profile of our company
    and in all our activities

HARYSERVIS II. company is aware of the fact, that the employees, customers and all interested parties are more and more concerned in living environment. Our task is a positive attitude to requirements of living environment and their suitable interpretation so that resulting changes could improve our operation in this field and could become an integral part of a good management.

Environmental policy is effectual for all the employees of HARYSERVIS II.
In Olomouc 11.2.2004

   Jan GRÉZL, Sylva GRÉZLOVÁ