23.listopad 2020

Firm profile

The HARYSERVIS firm is engaged in business in cleaning service area on professional level since 1991. Today it provides services within the whole Czech Republic through its workers, in number that has reached 520 persons to the moment. The HARYSERVIS firm is a pure Czech firm without interests of foreign capital.

The HARYSERVIS firm is the Member of the Czech Association of Cleaning, it is also a holder of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (CERTLINE) certificates, further then the certificates of the Czech Quality Society for “Cleaning operator and specialist” and “Certificate of regional hygienist for cleaning combined with disinfection and in the health-care facilities”.

The prices and range of services provided by our firm are specified on basis of information obtained from our customers. Labour cost, cleaning agents and disinfectants, cleaning machinery, VAT and other overhead costs connected with service performance are included in quotation. The firm uses cleaning machinery and technology that enable to protect buildings, equipment and things by careful way, resulted in long-term maintaining of their value. A cleaning material, agents and disinfectants meet ecological conditions and ČSN (Czechoslovak State Standard).

Our firm representatives regularly check the quality performance of provided services and the customer satisfaction is documented in writing.

Put our lasting several years’ experience to good use and entrust us with cleaning and hygiene of your workplaces. We hope that our offer will help you in your decision-making and you will belong to the ranks of our satisfied customers.

We will be happy to answer all your inquiries on our e-mail address: , on phone number 585 311 077 or personally in our firm address at Ostravská Street 25, 772 00 Olomouc.

Thank you for giving attention to our presentation.

Jan and Sylva Grézl
HARYSERVIS firm owners